The 30 Foot Flower in the Boschert Greenway

If you’ve walked or biked along the Boschert Greenway in St. Charles County, you’ve probably seen “Blomstre”—a thirty foot flower made of bicycle parts. Who made it? How was it built? We got the scoop straight from the man who dreamed it up and built it—Maplewood artist and blacksmith Andrew Andrasko of Dras Fabrication + Design.

What does Blomstre mean?  It is a Norwegian word that means “bloom.”

Where is it? On the Boschert Greenway at the intersection of Mel Wetter Parkway and Little Hills Expressway

Where did the artist, Andrew Andrasko, get the bicycle parts? St. Louis Bicycle Works generously donated all of the bicycle parts for the sculpture!

Who commissioned the sculpture? The City of St. Charles Parks & Recreation Department.