Greenway Alerts: June 2021

There are some planned  maintenance projects underway (or about to get started) that will be impacting greenways around the region.  Heads up on the following greenway alerts so you can plan your walks and rides accordingly.


June 14 & 15: Gravois Greenway railroad trestle that crosses  over greenway (between Tesshire and Union)

BSNF Railroad will be replacing railroad ties on the RR Bridge that crosses over Grant’s Trail on Monday June 14 and possibly Tuesday June 15 depending on weather and train traffic. The greenway will not be closed, but there will be flaggers intermittently pausing greenway traffic when they are working directly overhead. Please plan your trip accordingly!

Week of June 21: Walking and biking path on Boone Bridge over Missouri River

Missouri Department of Transportation will be conducting routine bridge inspections on the Boone Bridge the week of June 21.  (Connects to Missouri Greenway: Monarch Chesterfield Levee and Katy Trail.) While the route will not be closed, please be prepared for brief, intermittent closures of the walking and biking path as they move equipment overhead as part of the inspection.

End of June 2021-August 2021-Gravois Greenway walking and biking bridge over Highway 44

The walking and biking bridge over highway 44 will be closed for resurfacing and other maintenance beginning in late June and is expected to last through the end of August. Holmes Avenue will remain open. To avoid this closure, you can park at the trailhead at the intersection of Holmes and Melshire.

June 2021 through August 2021- St. Vincent Greenway at UMSL

Greenway Alert: There will be construction traffic on the St. Vincent Greenway where it crosses Emilie Drive on the UMSL campus June 2021 through the end of the summer. The greenway will not be closed, but be aware of trucks crossing the greenway at this location.