Construction to Improve Centennial Greenway Intersection at I-170 and Delmar Underway


Improvements to make this intersection easier for people to navigate whether they are walking, riding a bike or driving a car are underway. When construction is complete, there will be enhanced crosswalks, ADA compliant sidewalks, upgraded traffic signals and new way-finding signage that will allow everyone to more safely walk, run, push a stroller, use a wheelchair or ride a bike from Shaw Park to Olive Blvd.

Construction Update (December 19, 2018)

The intersection where the Centennial Greenway: Shaw Park to Olive crosses Delmar Blvd. is closed to people walking, riding a bike or using a wheelchair – there are no crosswalks or pedestrian signals right now.

While improvements to this intersection are mostly complete, construction is on hold as we wait for warmer weather to construct some additional curbs and apply pavement markings to guide people through the intersection. The schedule has been pushed back from the original estimated completion date due to earlier-than-normal snow and record cold temperatures. We look forward to improving this intersection in the spring. Thanks for your patience as we improve this greenway for all!