Greenway Alert: Centennial Greenway Bridge Over Forest Park Parkway Closed May 21- October 2018 for Construction

Detour for Greenway Users During Construction of New Bridge

The Centennial Greenway bicycle and pedestrian bridge that crosses over Forest Park Parkway at Washington University closed Monday May 21, 2018 to accommodate construction of a new bridge. The bridge will be twice as wide as the current bridge with separate paths for people walking and riding bikes. A new switchback ramp on the north side of the bridge will help slow cyclists as they descend,  making it safer  for everyone to connect to the greenway. People using a wheelchair or pushing a stroller can expect the new bridge to be accessible and easier to cross.

Washington University has established a detour that will take you from the greenway along Melville Avenue, through the Ames Place neighborhood to a dedicated bike and pedestrian walkway on Big Bend Blvd. People can also use the sidewalk on Skinker Blvd. to connect to the University and Forest Park. The new bridge is expected to open in October.

These detours will add extra time to your walk or bike ride. Please be sure to plan your trip accordingly!