Improving the Centennial Greenway at Delmar Boulevard

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Great Rivers Greenway and our partners at the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis County Department of Transportation, and City of University City want your feedback are working to improve the Centennial Greenway where it crosses Delmar Boulevard. We aim to identify short and long term solutions that could improve safety and direction for people on the greenway and the roadway.

This segment of the Centennial Greenway between Olive Boulevard in University City to Shaw Park in Clayton was built in 2013 and is a popular place to walk, run, rollerblade, bicycle, and use a wheelchair. While most of this greenway is separate from motor vehicle traffic, there are some locations where it crosses intersections that people on foot or bike and people driving cars must share the same space.  The intersection of the Centennial Greenway and Delmar Boulevard is an especially challenging place to navigate because it also intersects with McKnight Road and I-170.