Make Way for the Centennial Greenway!

Site preparation for the soon-to-be-constructed bicycle and pedestrian bridges over highways 364 and 94 in the City of St. Charles is slated to begin the week of March 13.

The first phase will be the removal of some trees, underbrush, and invasive honeysuckle along the route of the new greenway. Trees will be cleared in three locations; two areas on the east side of South Old Highway 94 and another section adjacent to the existing greenway parallel to Highway 364.

While it may look a little bare for now without the trees, it’s only temporary! We will be replanting 183 new trees and 685 new shrubs—more than 26 different native species that will flourish and grow with minimal maintenance in Missouri’s climate.  We’ll also be planting more than 10,000 square feet of native seeded areas that will not only add natural beauty, but also provide food for birds and butterflies, wildlife habitat, filter pollutants, and manage storm water runoff.

The new landscaping will be installed towards the end of the project, so please be patient as we work together to expand the Centennial Greenway over these two highways and open up a new route for people to walk or ride bikes!

183 new trees (16 different species!)
When the greenway is finished, some of the new trees that will add color to your walk, run or bike ride include Hackberry, Black Jack Oak, White Oak, Chinkapin Oak, Serviceberry and Eastern Redbud.

685 new shrubs (10 different species!)
As you walk or ride, you will see a variety of shrubs and ornamental grasses including Blue Mountain Juniper, Prairie Dropseed, Little Bluestem, Ninebark and Indian Grass.

10,360 square feet of new native seeded areas
While it will take a little time to grow, you (and the butterflies and bees) will enjoy the Butterfly Milkweed, Blue Wild Indigo, Black-Eyed Susans, Prairie Blazing Star planned for the new native seeded area.

To learn more about the project, click here.