Adopt-A-Greenway Pilot

Taking Care of Our Region's Greenways

What's Next? Big News!

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve launched a pilot for an Adopt-A-Greenway Program.

We have 10 entities helping us figure out this process – huge thanks to:

  • Ellendale Neighborhood Association
  • Steve Schroeder
  • River des Peres Watershed Coalition
  • West End Neighbors
  • Peter Whimmer
  • Chris and Lisa Grus, Realtors
  • Eastern Missouri Group of the Sierra Club
  • Rebecca Dodd
  • AmeriCorps St. Louis Alumni Ambassadors
  • Partners City of St. Louis and St. Louis County

for helping to take care of the River des Peres. St. Vincent, Centennial and Mississippi Greenways during our pilot program!

We look forward to inviting more of you into the process as we get this going. Individuals or groups can pick up trash, take care of landscaping and weeding or even removing invasive species, depending on what the site needs.

As of now, we’re looking at 2-year terms for adoption. We look forward to collaborating with partners and community members to help take care of this growing network of greenways for years to come!

Yes, I am interested in the Adopt-A-Greenway Program:

If you’d like to be on our list to find out more as we grow the program, let us know:

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