What’s next for the Chouteau Greenway?

In May 2018, the Chouteau Greenway Design Competition jury selected the STOSS Landscape Urbanism team, comprised of six local and six national entities. (We’re working on some videos to highlight this talented team!) While their original concept was helpful to showcase their approach and thinking, the jury selected the team, not the plan. This concept will change as the planning process moves forward. Great Rivers Greenway and partners, along with the Stoss team, are working on the Chouteau Greenway in two ways right now:

1) The competition refinement period is a time for the chosen design team to digest all of the great feedback given by partners, technical advisors, community members and the jury, working with partners to evolve their original concept.

2) The partners are also building a framework for how to move the project into implementation. This planning process will include community and stakeholder engagement and diversity, equity and inclusion considerations in categories such as:

  • Alignment and route studies
  • Sustainability and ecology plans
  • Design criteria and signature projects
  • Constructability reviews including permitting, utilities
  • Economic opportunity analysis and planning including development, workforce, affordable housing
  • Activation, programming and event strategies
  • Funding and governance options
  • Operations and maintenance models

As we have said throughout this process, we recognize the many challenges facing the St. Louis region. We must address those issues through this project and our process. We do not have all the answers about how that will happen and we look forward to additional partnerships and expertise to guide this work. It’s imperative that the region listens to a wide variety of voices and collaborates so Chouteau Greenway will have a positive, lasting impact and create common ground that communities embrace.

Thank you for your guidance thus far and we look forward to engaging in further conversations as the project evolves! Click here for all the details on the design competition, master plan and more.