St. Charles Greenway Plan

Scroll down to share your input on greenway experiences that are important to you and where you’d like to go on a greenway.

Great Rivers Greenway is leading a year-long planning process to prioritize our greenway investments in St. Charles County. With your help, we will develop an updated St. Charles County greenway map with prioritized projects and partnership models for building greenways.

Greenways are outdoor spaces that connect people and places. Each greenway is unique, reflecting the character of the communities it connects. Greenways can include trails, conservation projects such as rain gardens and restored prairies, amenities like restrooms and drinking fountains, and connections to businesses, neighborhoods, parks, schools, waterways, and transit.

Project Phases


Tell us what greenway experiences are most important to you and where you’d like to connect to on a greenway. We’ll combine this information with the information we gather on natural and manmade conditions, cultural and historic resources, transportation routes, existing studies and reports of the area, and existing greenway alignments.

ANALYSIS – Upcoming

We’ll report back on what we heard are greenway experience priorities and where people would like to connect to on a greenway.

CONCEPTS – Upcoming

Let us know if you agree/disagree with the weighted criteria for evaluating greenways and what you like/dislike about the proposed greenway alignments.


Tell us whether the greenway alignments and priorities are correct based on the data collected, greenway evaluation, and what we’ve heard from you.


We’ll present the final recommendations for greenway alignments, prioritized phases, and partnership models for each alignment.

Use the survey and map below to share the greenway experiences that are important to you and the natural and man-made places in St. Charles County where you’d like to go on a greenway.

Step 1: Rank your desired greenway experiences from 1-5 in the Greenway Experiences survey on the left. Click “Submit” once you have entered your responses. If you would not like to share your desired greenway experiences, click the “X” at the top right of the survey to close the survey window. This will allow you to see the full interactive map of St. Charles County. You can come back to the survey by clicking the “Greenway Experiences” icon on the left.

Step 2: Click “Add Comment” to put a marker on the map where you’d like to go on a greenway. If someone else has already marked that place on the map, you can like, dislike or comment on the location.