Brickline Greenway

St. Louis has hundreds of great treasures—museums, parks, educational, health and art institutions, businesses, neighborhood nooks and crannies and enduring front porches.

And yet, these special places are separated by barriers, real and implied, that fragment our city and keep us from connecting to those treasures and each other. Great Rivers Greenway, the public agency connecting three of the counties in the St. Louis region with greenways for nearly 20 years, has collaborated with others throughout the region to think about how to bring this particular greenway to life in the City of St. Louis.

Through civic engagement, the making of this greenway has become as important as the greenway itself. Brickline Greenway (formerly called Chouteau Greenway) is about connecting beloved places together with the people who live here to create meaningful experiences every day. It is about giving voice to many who have not had the opportunity to participate in the city’s development. It’s about trying new things and moving forward.


This greenway will transform St. Louis by connecting people and our city’s most treasured places, creating inspiring experiences and equitable opportunities for growth.

Key Principles:

  • Engagement: We value the participation of many constituencies in collaborative decision-making.
  • Equity: We include impacts and opportunities that improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Collaboration: We commit to the mission and work together to achieve this greenway’s intended outcomes.
  • Opportunity: We seek and promote equitable, value-added opportunities.
  • Sustainability: We ensure long-term success through policy, partnership, funding, governance, operations, and maintenance.

Intended Outcomes

  • Exceptional Experience: Create a regional gathering place where people can connect to St. Louis and each other.
  • Civic Well-Being: Strengthen trust and unite communities on a common ground that boosts civic pride by making the process accountable and inclusive.
  • Connectivity: Connect people to St. Louis’ neighborhoods, institutions, transit, jobs, destinations and public spaces.
  • Economic Growth: Create equitable opportunities for growth and inspire continued investment in places for people to live, work, play, and visit.
  • Environmental Leadership: Become a model for excellence in ecology and engage communities in stewarding a healthy, urban environment.
  • Healthy Lifestyles: Encourage exploration, activity, exercise and alternative transportation to enhance physical and mental well-being for people of all ages and all abilities.

Where It Could Go

Imagine connecting people and places, creating vibrant everyday experiences. Picture the momentum and investment, the opportunities to thrive and the civic pride. Let’s bring this vision to life in a new, green way.

The design concept is made up of a central loop in the middle of St. Louis, with links connecting to Forest Park, Fairground Park, Gateway Arch National Park, and Tower Grove Park. The greenway connects people to the region’s greenway network and other transportation options—it will become a part of St. Louisans’ everyday experience, helping them reach their schools, workplaces, and many destinations throughout the city.

This greenway is different because of the scale and ambition...

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are key principles and goals in this project. These values come through in the way we make decisions about how the greenway is designed, planned, and built. Fostering economic and job growth is essential to improving quality of life, which will require many partners. The planning process considered equity, economic development, design, development & construction and governance.

St. Louis is experiencing a renaissance. There is an energy in the air and we’re excited to build on that momentum to create something that everyone living here feels like they belong to and are a part of.

...but also the process.

We assembled a steering committee and four working groups from 125 institutional partners, neighborhood representatives, private funders, and city staff who came together to guide how we think about these topics, plus open houses, neighborhood meetings, interviews and events.

With the help of an Artists of Color Council, we identified opportunities to integrate art along the greenway in ways that ring true to the local flavor and history of St. Louis.

This project has and will continue to try new ways to connect and engage people in open dialogue. This is just the beginning.

Let's do this.

We’re listening. Add your voice and be part of this process: