Life Outside Sponsorship

On June 10, 2017, Great Rivers Greenway will bring together partners from all across the region to throw a free festival of the outdoors called Life Outside.

We’re hosting this festival so people can discover the amazing opportunities available to them all over town. We cannot wait to show people of all ages how they can more or their lives outside. Activities will range from from tree climbing to kayaking to birdwatching to just grabbing a drink and listening to local music.  There’s something for everyone. Plus, free fresh air!

We’re expecting a crowd of 2,500 people at this year’s event and we are excited to provide the opportunity for sponsors to connect with this great audience. Sponsorships are tax-deductible and are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to developing an active and dynamic community.


To make a splash for the event and our partners, we’ll be promoting this event throughout the region in a variety of ways, including websites, newsletters, social media, press coverage, paid advertisements and guerrilla marketing efforts. Life Outside sponsors will be recognized at the event and in promotions beforehand.

Demonstrate your commitment to a vibrant
St. Louis region as a sponsor of Life Outside.

To become a sponsor contact Emma Klues at or 314.932.4919.