Know Before You Go

We want you to enjoy the greenways, so here are some tips to ensure a great experience for everyone!

Before you head out on a greenway, there are some important things you need to know! These guidelines will help you—and everyone else you meet along the way—have a great experience on the trail!


Use the Right Side of the Trail

Walk or bike on the right side of the paved trail, and pass on the left side. Once you have passed, return to the right lane as quickly as possible.

Announce Presence When Passing

If you want to pass someone, announce your presence. Ring your bike bell or say, “on your left” or “passing” so the person you are passing knows you are there. Bonus – make eye contact or say hello!

Keep Your Pets Close and Leashed

Dogs (and maybe even cats!) are welcome on the greenways as long as they are on a leash. Please keep them on a leash that is six feet or less so they do not wander into the path of other people walking or riding bikes.

Pick Up Your Pet Waste

Please pick up all of your pet’s waste. No one wants to step in that! Most greenways have trash cans along the way, but be prepared to carry out pet waste in a plastic bag just in case you cannot find a trash can.

Wear a Helmet Every Time You Ride

A helmet is one of your most important pieces of safety equipment and can significantly reduce the risk of head or brain injuries when riding a bike. Wearing a helmet also sets an example for children and helps increase visibility. Make sure your helmet is properly fitted; size, position, buckles, side and chin straps. An improperly fitted helmet is the same as not wearing a bike helmet at all!

Lower Your Headphone Volume

Make sure you set the volume on your ear buds or headphones so you can hear people around you. You don’t want to wander into the path of a vehicle at an intersection or another person running or riding a bike!

Keep the Greenways Clean

Greenways are for everyone to enjoy, so please don’t leave a mess for other people to cleanup! Greenways also connect to many of our region’s creeks, streams and rivers, so trash dropped on the greenways can get swept up into our waterways. Do your part for healthier watersheds and habitats and dispose of all your trash properly!

And there are many other tips to keep in mind when planning your next trip to the greenways!

Hours of Operation

Each greenway is managed in collaboration with different municipalities or other partners across the region. Some are in parks with set hours and gates, whereas some are on college campuses or commuting routes. In general, each paved trail is open for you to explore and enjoy no earlier than 30 minutes before sunrise and no later than 30 minutes after sunset. Please double check the signs located at each trailhead to confirm the hours of operation.

No motorized vehicles allowed on the trail

There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the paved trails in the greenways except for your motorized wheelchairs, bikes, scooters, etc. In some cases you may see a see a slow-moving truck on the trail; they are typically service vehicles for landscaping or other work. If you see someone operating a motorized vehicle in an unsafe way—speeding, weaving in and out of people on the trail etc., please call 911.

Do not feed the wildlife along the trails

Most Missourians s enjoy and appreciate wildlife around their homes or seeing them along parks and greenways. To attract more viewing opportunities, people sometimes put out food to bring wildlife in closer to their homes. Others may be tempted to hand feed or drop food for wildlife along trails. While the Missouri Department of Conservation encourages you to fill your bird feeder, hand feeding or leaving food for other urban and suburban wildlife—such as deer, coyotes,raccoons and geese—can do more harm than good. Our friends at the Missouri Department of Conservation explain why you should not feed wildlife here.


Dress for the Weather

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. Synthetic “wicking” fabrics are better choices for shirts and socks—all year round. Be sure to apply sunscreen!

What to Bring

Many trails have drinking fountains along the way, but it is a good idea to bring your own water whether you are biking, walking, or running. Bug spray in the summer is always a good idea. Most people like to have a cell phone in the event of an emergency or to map their route—but make sure it is charged before you go!

Know Before You Lego to the Greenways!

Greenways are for users of all ages and abilities…and sizes! Some of our littlest trail users wanted to share some important things you should know before you Lego to the greenways!