Greenway Trivia: Can you identify these 5 Historic Sites?

Are you the person everyone wants sitting at their table on trivia night? If so, we’ve got a little challenge for you!

There are many historic sites found along greenways in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. Can you identify ALL FIVE of these historic sites? Submit your answers to All entries with the five sites correctly identified will be entered into a drawing for a Great Rivers Greenway picnic basket! All entries must be submitted by September 21st.

Historic Site #1

CLUE: Some of the lesser-known jobs of this home’s well-known owner includes best-selling author and leather goods salesman.

Historic Site #2

CLUE: This two-story brick home was built in the 1880’s. It has served as a family home, office building, restaurant, and museum. (Hint: we are looking for the present name of the building)

Historic Site #3

CLUE: During World War II, this structure was painted green to make it less visible from the air.

Historic Site #4

CLUE:This world-renowned structure is unique for many reasons; most notably that it was designed by an individual with no formal education as a civil engineer.

Historic Site #5

CLUE: This is situated at the site of one of the oldest European settlements in the state of Missouri west of the Mississippi, in the upper Louisiana Purchase Territory.