Greenway Alert: Greenways Impacted By Flooding May-June 2019

Closed for walking and biking but open space serving as natural flood plain during high water

Many greenways parallel area rivers, creeks and streams and are currently closed or impacted by flooding. While you can’t walk or ride right now, the flooded greenways are still serving an important purpose as a natural flood plain.  The water can spread out across the undeveloped open space during high water and then recede when river levels drop.

We post alerts on each individual greenway page to let you know about closures due to flooding, construction, maintenance or other issues. We update this information based on reports from partners, our staff and greenway users.  Note that once river levels drop, it may take a few weeks to clear any sand or debris left behind to reopen affected greenways.  Here is a comprehensive list of flood closures as of June 7, 2019:

Busch Greenway: KATY Trail to Missouri Research Park to August A. Busch Conservation Area
The boardwalk between the Duckett Creek trailhead and the Katy Trail is impacted by flooding. Other than the .75 mile segment between the Duckett Creek trailhead and Katy Trail, the rest of the greenway is open. (Check Missouri State Parks website for updates on Katy Trail Flooding here.)

Fee Fee Greenway: This greenway is open but you can only connect via the Maryland Heights Community Center and Aquaport side. You can use the greenway between Aquaport and Rule Ave. The trailhead in Creve Coeur Park is inaccessible due to closure of Marine Avenue.

Meramec Greenway: George Winter Park to Unger Park
Much of this greenway is impacted by flooding. Both George Winter and Unger Parks are closed.  Please check back for updates.

Sunset Greenway: Old Town Florissant to Sunset Park
The section of greenway near the Missouri River in Sunset Park has been impacted by flooding and will be closed until further notice.

Meramec Greenway: Greentree Park to Arnold’s Grove Park
Marshall Road is closed and much of the greenway is impacted by flooding.

River des Peres Greenway: Francis R. Slay Park to Shrewsbury MetroLink, Carondelet and Lemay Parks
Flooding is  significantly impacting the eastern end of the greenway. The Alabama bridge is closed to all users due to flooding. There is flood water in Lemay Park and it is closed to all visitors. Please avoid this area until flood waters recede.

Missouri Greenway: Monarch Chesterfield Levee
The greenway is closed at the highway 64 underpass due to flooding. Note that the Katy Trail across the bridge is also impacted by flooding.

Missouri Greenway: Earth City Levee
This greenway is significantly impacted by flooding. Riverwoods Park is closed and there is no access to the greenway on the levee.

Mississippi Greenway: Cliff Cave Park
The 5 mile loop and 1.2 mile loop trails in the lower section of Cliff Cave Park are closed due to flooding.  The Riverside Shelter is also closed. The paved and unpaved routes in the upper section of the park are open.

Mississippi Greenway: Chouteau Riverfront to Old Chain of Rocks Bridge (Riverfront Trail)
Large portions of this greenway are impacted by flooding and are inaccessible. All flood gates are closed, Maline Creek is over the greenway, Riverfront Park is flooded and the downtown riverfront is still underwater.

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge: The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge is closed to all users due to flooding on the Illinois side of the bridge.

Meramec Greenway: Lower Meramec Park
Lower Meramec Park  is closed due to flooding.

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