Bike with Your Boots On- River des Peres Watershed Coalition

June 11th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm CDT

River des Peres Watershed Coalition invites experienced water quality monitors and interested volunteers to participate in Bike with Your Boots On on River des Peres Greenway in St. Louis!

No experience in water quality testing is required but everyone must wear a bike helmet if bike riding. Trained water quality monitors will collect water quality monitoring data from sites and those interested to learn more are invited. Volunteers can choose to bike ride on the greenway trail or drive directly to the monitoring sites. Please bring a water bottle to keep hydrated and be prepared for possibility of getting your feet wet. RSVP to if you are interested!


Meet at Fultz Baseball Field

Meet at Fultz Baseball Field-between Gravois and Morgan Ford

Get Directions

Take the greenway!


accessible via Shrewsbury Lansdowne Station

Parking at Fultz Baseball Field