Deer Creek Greenway: Deer Creek Park Streambank Stabilization

Project Overview:

Great Rivers Greenway and the City of Maplewood are partnering to stabilize the streambank and improve drainage along the Deer Creek Greenway in Deer Creek Park. The goals of this project are to:

  • Prevent damage to the trail caused by erosion
  • Protect water quality by preventing erosion
  • Improve ballfield conditions with improved drainage

The streambank will be stabilized by changing the angle of the streambank slope to be less steep and adding native plants with deep roots along the streambank that will help hold the soil in place.

Soil erosion along the banks of Deer Creek is currently adding sediment to the water and preventing enough light from passing through the water for the aquatic plants that rely on light for photosynthesis as well as the fish and other aquatic creatures that eat those plants. This project will prevent soil erosion and improve water quality for the plants and animals living in and along Deer Creek.

Trees along the streambank that are currently at risk of damage cause by erosion will be removed. A greater number of trees will be planted throughout the park as part of this project. Native Black Willow trees will be planted along the streambank to hold soil in place.

Project Location:

The project is taking place entirely within Deer Creek Park. Construction began in November 2021 and will continue through spring 2022. A small portion of the trail and ballfields in the park are closed to accommodate construction.

Project Partners:

  • Great Rivers Greenway
  • City of Maplewood

Project Status

This project is complete!

Project News