Deer Creek Connector: Deer Creek Greenway to Brentwood

Project Overview:

Great Rivers Greenway is partnering with the City of Brentwood to plan, design and build an expansion of the Deer Creek Greenway to connect with Marshall Avenue Trailhead, parks, businesses and other amenities within Brentwood.  This project is a part of Brentwood’s $80 million Brentwood Bound plan to improve Manchester Road, reduce problems caused by Deer Creek flooding, and expand the Deer Creek Greenway. The project will include several water quality, streambank restoration, and open space features as well as a greenway underpass below Manchester Road.


Project Location: 

The Deer Creek Greenway expansion will connect from the intersection of Marshall Road and Brentwood Boulevard and will extend north to the Rogers Parkway trail and east along Deer Creek toward the intersection of Hanley and Manchester Roads near the Maplewood MetroLink Station.

When complete, the Deer Creek Greenway Connector will create a paved, accessible walking and biking trail linking Brentwood’s Memorial Park (with sidewalk access to Brentwood Promenade and Brentwood Pointe shopping centers) to Lorraine Davis Park, Barnickel Park and Deer Creek Park in Webster Groves, Deer Creek Park in Maplewood and the Deer Creek Shopping Center at Big Bend Boulevard.

The Deer Creek Connector will also link to these parks and amenities within Brentwood:

  • NEW Brentwood Park (with amphitheater, playground & event pavilion)
  • Brentwood Sports Complex  (Baseball/Softball Fields, Playground, Soccer Field)
  • Hanley Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Oak Tree Park
  • Brentwood Swim Club

Learn more about the Brentwood Bound project here.


Project Partners:

  • The greenway is a partnership between Great Rivers Greenway and the City of Brentwood.
  • The Brentwood Bound Project is a partnership between Brentwood, MoDOT, MSD and St. Louis County.

Project Status

Construction is underway and is expected to be complete in 2023.


Did you know that this section of the Deer Creek Greenway will connect to regionally significant places such as the banks of Deer Creek? What stories do you know about this place? Share them at or by calling 314-932-4904.

We all live in a watershed. Every drop of rain goes somewhere. What isn’t absorbed into the ground will eventually find its way into our creeks, streams, and rivers, This area is within the 37-square-mile Deer Creek Watershed – an area the size of nearly 18,000 football fields. All rain that falls in this area will find its way to Deer Creek before heading to the River des Peres, which flows into the Mississippi River and out to the Gulf of Mexico. Our actions – like picking up litter and growing native plants in a rain garden – can improve the quality of life in the waterways in our region and downstream. The City of Brentwood launched the Deer Creek Flood Mitigation Project to reduce floooding by creating spaces where the creek can spread out and using native plants with deep roots that keep the streambank soil in place.

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