Construction Update and Closures on Mississippi Greenway (Riverfront Trail)

The Mississippi Greenway (Riverfront Trail) continues to be impacted by construction activities. We just received notice that Lewis Street, between the Biddle Street Trailhead and Ashley Street, will be closed for three months beginning October 12, 2020. This is to accommodate ongoing repairs to the Ashley Energy Plant. The gates across the street and greenway had been unlocked daily, but will now remain closed through mid-January 2021. You can access the Mississippi Greenway at O’Fallon Street.

Work on the Terminal Railroad Bridge (Merchant’s) over the Mississippi River continues and there is likely to be more traffic on the greenway south of the Mary Meachum Center to Branch Street as the project moves into a new phase. Be prepared for temporary, intermittent closures during the day while construction activity is underway as well as construction related traffic (equipment, materials moving across greenway etc.)  We will keep you posted if anything changes!