Chouteau Greenway will transform St. Louis by connecting people and our City’s most treasured places, creating inspiring experiences and equitable opportunities for growth.

As part of the overall network of greenways being built by Great Rivers Greenway and partners, Chouteau Greenway is a major public-private partnership to connect Washington University and Forest Park through our city to downtown and the Gateway Arch National Park, with north and south connections to our city’s vibrant neighborhoods, parks, business and arts districts, employment centers, transit hubs, and dozens of cultural and educational institutions.

The key to the success of the project is connectivity both physically and socially – using the landscape and special projects to allow people to interact in a way this city has never seen. The intended outcomes will result in an exceptional experience through design; ensure economic opportunity and job growth; and elevate our civic well-being – addressing diversity, equity and inclusion through collaboration – leaving a legacy for future generations. Direct engagement with the people that represent the region, the neighborhoods, and the future users of the greenway is essential and will continue as the project moves forward, led by Great Rivers Greenway in conjunction
with the Stoss team and other community partners. These groups are just one component of the overall engagement effort to ground this work in the needs, wants and ideas of community members.

Critical to this work is having many voices at the table in the form of a Steering Committee and four Working Groups which will support and inform the design team’s work. We seek enthusiastic champions of our region who know that compromise, courage, candor and conviction are critical to success. We expect that members subscribe to consensus and value-based decision-making processes to benefit the region as a whole.

On behalf of the entire Chouteau Greenway team, we are delighted to have your participation, input and guidance in this transformational project. If you have any questions or concerns about your role or the project in general, please contact Todd Antoine, Vice President of Planning and Projects 314-932-4903, For more information about the project, to view the mission/vision, key principles and intended outcomes, visit

Group Charters: