Centennial Greenway Master Plan

Learn about the current status and future plans for the Centennial Greenway

Master Plan

The master plan for the Centennial Greenway is a 17-mile corridor that stretches between Forest Park in the City of St. Louis and St. Charles County. The greenway will connect the communities of University City, Olivette, Ladue, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights and St. Peters in St. Charles County. A portion of this greenway follows the same route of the 1904 Olympic marathon held in St. Louis as part of the World’s Fair.

Current Status

Beginning with the easternmost section, Centennial Greenway: Forest Park to Washington University to Vernon, it meanders 1.5-miles (paved) from Skinker and Forsyth Boulevards at Forest Park through the Washington University Campus to Delmar Boulevard (along Melville Avenue) in the Loop Business District and north to Vernon Avenue on Ackert Walk. A “betterment” project to improve aged infrastructure and add wayfinding signage and other amenities to the greenway in the City of University City, City of St. Louis and Washington University was completed in early 2020.

Further west, Centennial Greenway: Shaw Park to Olive travels along I-170, linking four different communities; Clayton, Ladue, University City and Olivette. Work is underway to extend the greenway west to Olivette. The first phase of this project was completed in 2023 with a new .3 mile segment of greenway connecting to Olivette’s new community center, Five Oaks on Warson in Warson Park. Improvements to the intersection at Olive (safety enhancements at the four crosswalks on the I-170 exit and entrance ramps, high visibility pavement markings, pedestrian push button crossing signals timed to allow people walking, riding a bike or using a wheelchair to cross through the entire intersection, and a mural under the I-170 bridge) are wrapping up now.

In St. Charles County, Centennial Greenway: Katy Trail to Schaefer Park and Spencer Creek Trail is a 3.88-mile segment (paved) that provides a vital link between the KATY Trail and businesses, neighborhoods, schools and existing trails in St. Charles County. It also connects to St. Louis County’s 4.5-mile paved Creve Coeur Connector trail extending from Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park that features a separated lane on the Page Avenue Extension Bridge for people walking or riding bikes to cross over the Missouri River between St. Louis County and St. Charles County. You can walk, run or ride all the way from Heritage Park to Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park or take the KATY Trail to explore historic Main Street in St. Charles and Frontier Park.  In 2023, the greenway was extended along Old Highway 94 to Schaefer Park and the Spencer Creek Trail at McClay Road.

Projects In Progress

Olive to Warson Park

This project will extend the Centennial Greenway, linking Shaw Park to Olive Blvd near I-170 two miles further west to Warson Park and the Olivette Community Center.  

Centennial Greenway and 39 North Greenway

This project will extend the Centennial Greenway from Warson Park in Olivette, through 39 North, to the intersection of Lindbergh Blvd and Schuetz Rd in the City of Creve Coeur.

Centennial Greenway: Spencer Creek Trail Improvements

This project will improve the existing Spencer Creek Trail to extend the Centennial Greenway from McClay Road to the St. Peters City Center.

Future Connections