Father Dickson Cemetery: Gravois Greenway (Grant’s Trail)

Located along Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail at Sappington Road, Father Dickson Cemetery was one of the first public cemeteries available to African Americans in the St. Louis area. More than 6,000 people were interred there before it closed in the 1970’s. Without a perpetual care endowment, the cemetery fell victim to abuse and neglect and was at risk of commercial development. Friends of Father Dickson Cemetery organized in 1988 to restore and preserve the historic 13-acre site and more than 167 years of African American History.

In October 2021, the cemetery was named to the National Register of Historic Places! This will make Fr. Dickson Cemetery eligible for possible grants, preservation benefits and incentives.

Greenway Getaway! Meramec Greenway: Greentree Park to Arnold’s Grove

If you are looking for the perfect greenway for toddlers and training wheels—look no further than the Meramec Greenway: Greentree Park to Arnold’s Grove!

bridge-in-meramec-3This segment of the greenway stretches between Arnold’s Grove just west of Highway 141 and parallels the river to Greentree Park in Kirkwood. The 3.6 mile paved trail offers plenty of shade, no hills and a slower pace—just right for beginning cyclists and young explorers.

There are also plenty of things to see along the way such as Meramec Landing Park, the St. Louis Dirt Burners radio controlled miniature raceway, and the Family Golf and Learning Center. You can also meander around the trails in Simpson Park where you can enjoy the lake and playground. Look closely and you might spot one of the Eagles that nest in this park!


7.2 mile trip

Park at either end of the Greenway (Arnold’s Grove or Greentee Park) and enjoy a full 7.2 mile walk, run or bike ride.

4 mile trip

Park at Arnold’s Grove and walk or ride 2 miles to where the greenway connects with Marshall Road. You can cross Marshall Road at the crosswalk to go into Simpson Park (this will add some more mileage to your journey!) Head back to Arnold’s Grove for a round trip of four miles. If you decide you want to go even further, turn right (east) on Marshall Road, cross the bridge and take an immediate right back onto the paved trail and head towards the river to continue on the greenway.

Other tips to know before you go:

If you are not sure how far your young cyclists or walkers want to go, you can park in Greentree Park off Marshall Road and start exploring. Turn around when their legs get tired!

You can also park in the Meramec Landing Park parking lot across the street and just east of the entrance into Simpson Park. Click here for a map. The greenway crosses this parking lot.  You can take it west towards Arnold’s Grove (2 miles) or east (1.6 miles) to Greentree Park. Walk or ride your bike across Marshall Road at the crosswalk to enter Simpson Park via the paved trail. If you want to go to Greentree Park, the greenway briefly parallels Marshall Road on a bridge over the Simpson Lake spillway and then turns towards the river. Take a right once you cross the bridge.

This area can flood after heavy rains. Be sure to check our website for any alerts before you go.

There are restrooms in Simpson Park and Greentree Park.

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The 30 Foot Flower in the Boschert Greenway

If you’ve walked or biked along the Boschert Greenway in St. Charles County, you’ve probably seen “Blomstre”—a thirty foot flower made of bicycle parts. Who made it? How was it built? We got the scoop straight from the man who dreamed it up and built it—Maplewood artist and blacksmith Andrew Andrasko of Dras Fabrication + Design.

What does Blomstre mean?  It is a Norwegian word that means “bloom.”

Where is it? On the Boschert Greenway at the intersection of Mel Wetter Parkway and Little Hills Expressway

Where did the artist, Andrew Andrasko, get the bicycle parts? St. Louis Bicycle Works generously donated all of the bicycle parts for the sculpture!

Who commissioned the sculpture? The City of St. Charles Parks & Recreation Department.