Join us October 5 for a Lunchtime Picnic to Celebrate the Expanded Fee Fee Greenway

Come See the New Paved Greenway that Connects Maryland Heights Community Center, McKelvey Woods and Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park

Together with our partners at the City of Maryland Heights and Saint Louis County Parks, we invite you to celebrate the newest segment of the Fee Fee Greenway at a lunchtime picnic and ribbon cutting  on Friday, Oct. 5, from 11am-1 pm in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park. The event will take place at the new trailhead, located near the disc golf course across the road from Sailboat Cove (13725 Marine Ave., Maryland Heights, MO 63146).

The project extends the existing 0.8-mile paved greenway an additional 2.2 miles from McKelvey Woods, creating a continuous three-mile paved connection between the Maryland Heights Community Center (trailhead located near Dogport and Aquaport) and Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park. It also makes it possible for people to continue their walk or bike ride through the park to the Creve Coeur Connector trail and allow them to cross over the Missouri River to connect to the KATY Trail and Centennial Greenway in St. Charles County. These connections enable access to the St. Charles County Heritage Museum and the ability to cross over Highways 364 and 94 in St. Charles County. In total, the new Fee Fee Greenway segment helps to create nearly 16 continuous miles of paved routes for walking and biking.

On Friday, Oct. 5, project partners, contractors, area residents and elected officials will “officially” open the new greenway with a ribbon cutting at the new trailhead. Originally planned for June 14, the event was cancelled due to thunderstorms. The rescheduled celebration will include yard games, music, bring-your-own-picnic-lunch and a walk or bike ride along the greenway. Guest speakers will begin addressing the crowd at approximately 11:15 am, followed by the ribbon cutting at 11:45 am.

“The expanded Fee Fee Greenway has been embraced by not only the people who live and work in Maryland Heights, but also people across the region,” said Tracey Anderson, City of Maryland Heights Director of Parks and Recreation. “We didn’t want a little rain to stop us from officially celebrating this new connection. We encourage the community to join us on October 5 to enjoy a lunchtime picnic and some fresh air on the expanded Fee Fee Greenway.”

The new segment includes a 78-foot-long pedestrian bridge over Fee Fee Creek and a nearly 1,000-foot-long “living wall.” The purpose of the living wall system is to help capture the storm water that drains off the paved surface, reducing the impact on nearby creeks and streams. It will also provide habitat for wildlife and insects. Several hundred new native trees, shrubs, sedges and flowers were also planted along the two-mile extension to restore and boost the native ecology of the greenway.

“This project is a powerful example of how greenways connect us to our rivers, parks, communities and each other,” said Susan Trautman, CEO of Great Rivers Greenway. “By extending the Fee Fee Greenway just two miles, we’ve created a vital link between existing trails and amenities so people can get exercise and fresh air while exploring a wonderful natural area.”

Improvements to Centennial Greenway at Interstate I-170 and Delmar Coming Soon!

We are getting ready to break ground on improvements to the Centennial Greenway at Delmar and I-170 that will make the intersection easier for people to navigate whether they are walking, riding a bike or driving a car.

Construction is expected to begin in early September and continue through the end of November (weather permitting). There will be temporary lane restrictions or closures along Delmar and McKnight during this time, but the intersection and the sidewalks will remain open. Construction work will generally take place on weekdays, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7am and 3pm.

As the project progresses, there will be some temporary impacts to the greenway. We will place signage along the greenway to let people know about any potential closures. We will also post updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

When construction is complete, there will be enhanced crosswalks, ADA compliant sidewalks, upgraded traffic signals and new way-finding signage that will allow everyone to more safely walk, run, push a stroller, use a wheelchair or ride a bike from Shaw Park to Olive Blvd.


Made in the Shade: 4 Cool & Shady Greenways for Hot Summer Days!

Here are four greenways with lots of trees for cool & shady walks, bike rides or runs:

Mississippi Greenway: Cliff Cave Park

There are almost seven miles of paved greenway for walking, riding and running in Cliff Cave Park. If you prefer unpaved routes, you also have your choice of the Spring Valley and River Bluff trails.  If you want to avoid the sun, stick to the upper section of the park. Start your adventure at the new parking lot on Cliff Cave Road, or in the lower parking lot by the pavilion and walk up the bluff. You’ll enjoy a mostly shady 2 mile walk or ride as well as sweeping views of the Mississippi River as you explore this newest segment of greenway! Plan your trip here.

Busch Greenway:Katy Trail to Missouri Research Park to August A. Busch Conservation Area

The Busch Greenway stretches 4.73 miles from the Katy Trail to the August A. Busch Conservation Area. If you want to avoid the sun, stick to the .75 mile section between the Duckett Creek Trailhead (in Missouri Research Park) and the Katy Trail. For a longer walk or ride, jump on the Katy Trail where you will enjoy plenty of shade beneath the trees lining the river. Plan your visit here.

Meramec Greenway: Glencoe to Sherman Beach Park

There are several trails that meet in this stretch of the Meramec Greenway, making it possible to walk or bike for several miles on paved and unpaved paths surrounding the Meramec River.

The Al Foster Trail and the paved spur known as Rock Hollow are both beautiful places for a cool summer’s walk or ride. The Rock Hollow Trail stretches from atop Ridge Road, 2.2 miles down the bluff where it connects to the Al Foster Trail.  Rock Hollow is paved and mostly shady, with soaring bluffs through a dense forest.

The Al Foster Trail is flat, shady and made of crushed limestone. It is 3.21 miles long stretching from the trailhead near the intersection of Old State Road and Highway 109 by the Wabash, Frisco and Pacific miniature railroad to Sherman Beach. It offers tremendous views of the Meramec River as you pass besides soaring limestone bluffs. Click here to plan your trip

Missouri Greenway: Earth City Levee

This 4.73 section of the Missouri Greenway parallels the Missouri River in Bridgeton and Earth City. It offers stunning views of the Missouri River and Historic downtown St. Charles as it stretches between Highway 70 to Highway 370. You’ll have it “made in the shade” if you follow the 3 mile loop through Bridgeton’s Riverwoods Park. It is a great trail for young children to ride their bikes or walk because it is flat and less crowded. It will appeal to anyone looking for a quiet, more rural paved trail for walking or bike riding. Plan your trip here!


The St. Vincent Greenway Needs Your Support!

Great Rivers Greenway is working with the City of Wellston to apply for a Federal Transportation Grant from the East-West Gateway Council of Governments to construct a new portion of the St. Vincent Greenway.

This new construction project will extend the existing greenway segment between Forest Park and Trojan Park in the City of Wellston, creating an additional .6 miles of greenway for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy and explore.

Great Rivers Greenway, with the City of Wellston, is currently designing and engineering (with your input!) this greenway extension. Specific improvements for this trail include a pedestrian bridge, ADA curb ramps for the trail, stormwater quality improvements and bioswales, a scenic/educational overlook at Engleholm Creek, a new parking lot near Trojan Park, new Metro bus shelter and benches, improved pedestrian access at the Metro crossing, landscaping and signage.

This new ½ mile section of greenway, you will connect you to:

  • Parks: Trojan Park and Yadier Molina Field
  • Nature: Engelholm Creek
  • Business Development and Jobs Training: STL VentureWorks and Met Center
  • Transportation: Wellston MetroLink Station
  • Education: Early Explorers Child Development Academy

The Federal Transportation Grant, if successful, will allow us to continue the planning and design for the new section of greenway, as well as to robustly engage with the community along the way.  We are hoping for your support as we pursue this grant.

East-West Gateway is currently accepting public comments regarding this project through July 24.

They welcome your comments as they select proposals for funding, so your feedback and support for this project will be very helpful and much appreciated!

Complete the form below to provide your feedback to East-West Gateway about this project!

Comments may also be mailed to:

Local Program Application Comments
East-West Gateway Council of Governments
1 S. Memorial Drive, Suite 1600
St. Louis, MO 63102

Mailed comments must be postmarked by July 24, 2018.


The Maline Greenway Needs Your Support!

Great Rivers Greenway is working with the City of Ferguson to apply for a Federal Transportation Grant from the East-West Gateway Council of Governments to construct a new portion of the Maline Greenway from the Ted Jones Trail to West Florissant Avenue.

The goal is to connect into the planned improvements for West Florissant Avenue that the City of Ferguson and St. Louis County are working on.

The first section of the Maline Greenway is currently under construction in Bella Fontaine County Park where three bridges are being replaced, enhancing the trails in the park.  Also, a new underpass is being built so that greenway users can safely cross beneath Highway 367, promoting a greater greenway experience.  Construction is going well and the project is on track to be completed by next spring.

The proposed 1.5 mile section of Maline Greenway would connect the Ted Jones Trail which begins at the University of Missouri St. Louis’ campus and ends near the intersection of St. Louis Avenue and Short Avenue.  From there, the greenway would travel along Paul Avenue and Ferguson Avenue to Forestwood Park, then continue on through the Park, re-constructing a segment of the existing loop trail within the park and finally continuing on to West Florissant Avenue.

This new section would connect residential and commercial areas as well as bus transit service along West Florissant Avenue, a principal arterial roadway to Forestwood Park, an important recreational destination.  The new trail also provides improved pedestrian and bicycle access between the businesses along Florissant Road and West Florissant Avenue, both important town centers and shopping and dining destinations.

The Federal Transportation Grant, if successful, will allow us to continue the planning and design for the new section of greenway, as well as to robustly engage with the community along the way.  We are hoping for your support as we pursue this grant.

East-West Gateway is currently accepting public comments regarding this project through July 24.

They welcome your comments as they select proposals for funding, so your feedback and support for this project will be very helpful and much appreciated!

Complete the form below to provide your feedback to East-West Gateway about this project!

Comments may also be mailed to:

Local Program Application Comments
East-West Gateway Council of Governments
1 S. Memorial Drive, Suite 1600
St. Louis, MO 63102

Mailed comments must be postmarked by July 24, 2018.

St. Charles City-County Library Storybook Walks on Greenways

The St. Charles City-County Library Storybook Walks are a creative and fun way for families to get some fresh air and exercise while encouraging a love for books and reading. Four books are hand-picked by library staff each month and displayed at four different parks across St. Charles County. Two of the Storybook Walk locations are on greenways! Pages are posted at several stations along each trail, so families and friends can enjoy a story as they walk together and enjoy the fresh air and scenery.  Locations outlined below, click the links for more details!

Fox Hill Rd.
St Charles 63301

*Located separate from the main park- near the parking area at the end of Huncker/Quince (Boschert Greenway Hunker Drive Parking), then just down a short paved path.

4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
Cottleville 63376

*Located off of parking lot “Orange 4” in the north entrance off of Mid Rivers Mall Drive.

5501 Quail Ridge Pkwy.
Wentzville 63385

*Located just behind Quail Ridge Lodge on the paved trail.

100 William Dierberg Dr.
Wentzville 63385

*Located behind the restroom building and continues counterclockwise along the trail.

The Storybook Walks are a program of the St. Charles City-County Library. Financial support for the Storybook Walks is provided by the St. Charles City-County Library Foundation.

84-Year-Old Volunteer Helps Maintain River Views in Cliff Cave Park

If you walk or ride along the Mississippi Greenway in Cliff Cave Park, you’ve probably seen 84-year-old St. Louis County Park volunteer Joe Messler. He spends an average of twenty hours a week working along the paved trails in the lower section of the park, clearing out honeysuckle and other invasive plants to make sure park visitors always have a clear view of the river. In the five years he has been volunteering, Joe has not only made great progress enhancing the landscape, he’s also lost 135 pounds! Thanks for all your hard work Joe, we appreciate it!

Joe’s story is a great example of how volunteering is not only good for the environment, it’s also good for you! If you are ready to lend your hand, check out some volunteer opportunities here.

What’s next for the Chouteau Greenway?

In May 2018, the Chouteau Greenway Design Competition jury selected the STOSS Landscape Urbanism team, comprised of six local and six national entities. (We’re working on some videos to highlight this talented team!) While their original concept was helpful to showcase their approach and thinking, the jury selected the team, not the plan. This concept will change as the planning process moves forward. Great Rivers Greenway and partners, along with the Stoss team, are working on the Chouteau Greenway in two ways right now:

1) The competition refinement period is a time for the chosen design team to digest all of the great feedback given by partners, technical advisors, community members and the jury, working with partners to evolve their original concept.

2) The partners are also building a framework for how to move the project into implementation. This planning process will include community and stakeholder engagement and diversity, equity and inclusion considerations in categories such as:

  • Alignment and route studies
  • Sustainability and ecology plans
  • Design criteria and signature projects
  • Constructability reviews including permitting, utilities
  • Economic opportunity analysis and planning including development, workforce, affordable housing
  • Activation, programming and event strategies
  • Funding and governance options
  • Operations and maintenance models

As we have said throughout this process, we recognize the many challenges facing the St. Louis region. We must address those issues through this project and our process. We do not have all the answers about how that will happen and we look forward to additional partnerships and expertise to guide this work. It’s imperative that the region listens to a wide variety of voices and collaborates so Chouteau Greenway will have a positive, lasting impact and create common ground that communities embrace.

Thank you for your guidance thus far and we look forward to engaging in further conversations as the project evolves! Click here for all the details on the design competition, master plan and more.


Greenway Construction Update: June 2018

Since April, we’ve wrapped up work on four new greenway expansions—the Centennial Greenway Bridges over Highways 364 and 94, Mississippi Greenway in Cliff Cave Park, Fee Fee Greenway connection to Creve Coeur Park and the Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail. And there’s still more to come in 2018! We have two other greenways currently under construction and we’re finalizing plans to break ground on two more projects later this year. Here’s a quick update:

Deer Creek Greenway: Lorraine Davis Park to Deer Creek Park

Construction to extend the Deer Creek Greenway from Webster Groves’ Deer Creek Park and connect with Lorraine Davis Park is in full swing! This 1.5 mile project includes improvements to Lorraine Davis and Barnickle Parks. A new greenway bridge was set over Shady Creek at Brentwood Boulevard in May, and all three boardwalks in Lorraine Davis Park are complete. Work continues on a new overlook, pavilion and drinking fountain. Work is also underway on a new trailhead and parking lot on Marshall Avenue. Stay tuned for details for a fall ribbon cutting!


Maline Greenway: Bridges in Bella Fontaine Park

Construction continues in Bella Fontaine Park in north St. Louis County where we are working in partnership with St. Louis County and Missouri Department of Transportation to complete the first segment of the Maline Greenway. This phase of the project will make it easier for people of all ages and abilities to connect to both sides of the park via a new underpass beneath Lewis and Clark Blvd. The project also includes the replacement of three pedestrian bridges and stabilization of the banks of Maline Creek. Contractors have completed the eastern connection to Bellefontaine Road and are working on the abutments that support three new bridges in the park. Crews are also working to rebuild the existing trails to make them ADA accessible. The project is expected to be complete in March 2019.

Centennial Greenway: Improvements to intersection at Delmar Blvd. at McKnight Rd. 

The intersection where the Centennial Greenway crosses Delmar Blvd. at McKnight Rd. (east of I-170) has been confusing for many greenway users to navigate. Based on this ongoing feedback, we contracted with Alta Planning + Design to help address these safety concerns. After gathering additional input from the community in 2017, we developed short and long- term solutions to improve this intersection for everyone. The changes include new landscaping, navigation signage, and special white and green pavement markings that will keep walkers and bikers separate through both crossings. The final plans for these changes have been approved and construction is expected to begin in fall 2018. We appreciate University City, St. Louis County and Missouri Department of Transportation’s partnership on this project that will enhance the experience for everyone who uses this greenway!

Mississippi Greenway: Katherine Ward Burg Garden

Great Rivers Greenway has worked in collaboration with the City of St. Louis, Metro, MoDOT, Laclede’s Landing Merchants Association and other stakeholders on various studies to enhance the riverfront north of the Eads Bridge and Gateway Arch. The overall goal is to promote economic revitalization by transforming vacant property along the Mississippi River into public parks and recreation amenities. The Katherine Ward Burg Garden is a first step in this long-term plan. Situated adjacent to the Eads Bridge, the half-acre plaza has been designed to create a flexible and welcoming open space which attracts visitors north from the Arch grounds to explore Laclede’s Landing. This new space will serve as a comfortable spot for relaxing, meeting friends or for special events and programs.

Design details continue to be refined for this new public space, but plans include an iconic trellis, stepped terraces and curving seatwalls. The project is made possible by a generous estate donation via Katherine W. Burg’s trust and is expected to begin construction in fall 2018.

Phase I Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail Connection to River des Peres Greenway & Mysun Charitable Foundation Trailhead Opens

Walk, run, ride, or roll on down and see it for yourself!

Great Rivers Greenway and our partners at St. Louis County Parks gathered with area residents, local officials, donors, and contractors on Sunday June 24 to celebrate the expansion of the Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail and new Mysun Charitable Foundation Trailhead.

The Mysun Charitable Foundation Trailhead replaces the southern trailhead, which has been closed since fall 2017. It features a drinking fountain, restrooms, greenway parking, seating walls, a play structure, a bike fix-it station, and landscaping to help manage storm water, filter pollutants and provide wildlife habitat and food sources. The project also extends the existing 10-mile Gravois Greenway an additional 2,000 feet closer to its planned connection with the River des Peres Greenway.

The day’s festivities included light refreshments, yard games and a planetary walk along the new stretch of greenway, hosted by the Saint Louis Science Center. There was also an open house from 3-5 p.m. at Orlando’s Event and Conference Center, for area residents to learn about the next phase to extend the Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail two miles north and connect it with the River des Peres Greenway.

Click here to view the materials from the June 24, 2018 Open House:

“We are happy to open this trailhead and first stretch of greenway – we know people are ready to enjoy it,” says Susan Trautman, CEO of Great Rivers Greenway. “Thanks to the generosity of Mysun Charitable Foundation, which provided a $1 million challenge grant, and our wonderful matching donors, we were able to build an enhanced trailhead so people can refill their water bottle, use the restroom, perform a quick fix on their bike or just sit and enjoy the fresh air on this popular greenway. All of these new amenities will make for a better experience for all.”

Construction on the next phase of the greenway extension is expected to begin in the fall of 2018 and open in spring 2020. When the Gravois Greenway-River des Peres Greenway connection is complete, there will be 21 miles of paved paths for walking, jogging, riding a bicycle, pushing a stroller and using a wheelchair. The greenways will also connect destinations such as the City of Kirkwood, Grant’s Farm, Blake C. Snyder Memorial Park, Jefferson Barracks County Park, River City Casino, Carondelet Park and the Lansdowne/Shrewsbury MetroLink Station.

Thank You!

Thank you to the Mysun Charitable Foundation for their $1 million challenge grant that helped bring this project to life! We are also grateful for all of the matching donors who stepped up to meet the challenge. The Matching Donors for this project are:

William T. Kemper Foundation  Katherine W. Burg Trust
Finerty Family Foundation Ward and Carol Klein
William S. Anheuser Charitable Fund of YouthBridge Community Foundation Shaughnessy Family Foundation
Lotsie and Rick Holton Midwest BankCenter
Wm. R. and Laura Rand Orthwein Foundation William A. Kerr Foundation
Stupp Bridge & Iron Co. Foundation

Gravois Greenway Community Cleanup Volunteers
Shout out to the 25 volunteers who joined us for a community cleanup on Saturday June 23. The hardworking crew of volunteers pulled 8 cubic yards of trash/  flood debris and 15 tires from the area along Gravois Creek near the new trailhead. We are grateful for your help improving water quality and habitat along the greenway!