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Media Kit

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Press Release for May 1st event

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Brickline Greenway along Market Street has the potential to be a love letter to St. Louis, a microcosm of what the city has to offer. The Arch and Forest Park are 2 major assets, but there are countless wonderful places in between. What’s now a 7-lane road that seems like a thoroughfare will feel totally different when we add the greenway, trees, flowers, art, benches, and places to gather, while still keeping plenty of room to drive and park. My hope for the future is that people can spend the entire day exploring downtown without needing a car to get between adventures.” – Kuleya Bruce, Project Manager, Great Rivers Greenway

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to knit St. Louis together. It is our moment to thoughtfully invest in affordable housing, develop new art and greenspace, stimulate business growth, and create miles of safer, more livable communities. It’s not just an inspiring vision for St. Louis, it’s doable.” – Elizabeth Mannen Berges, Brickline Greenway Campaign Co-Chair, Managing Director of Investments, Mannen Financial Group of Wells Fargo Advisors and Lead Trustee, Berges Family Foundation

“Pillars of the Valley, paying respect to and lifting up the voices of the people of Mill Creek Valley, has two more Brickline Greenway installations beyond CITYPARK stadium. One pillar will be at The People’s Finance Building, the center of Black political, social and commercial life for thirty years. The rest of the pillars stand tall at Compton and Market, on the campus of our HBCU, Harris-Stowe State University, home to the famous Stars Park, Vashon Community Center and High School and another beacon of Black community for decades.” – Damon Davis, Post-Disciplinary Artist, Heartache and Paint

“It was always our intention to be part of the effort to bring the Brickline Greenway segment between CITYPARK and Harris-Stowe State University to life, which will include extensions of Damon Davis’ Pillars of the Valley, located at CITYPARK. Not only will Brickline provide CITY SC fans another way to travel to matches, but it will continue telling the story of Mill Creek Valley for generations to come. The Brickline Greenway, like CITY SC, is another great example of the STLMADE movement driving St Louis into an abundant future.” – Lee Broughton, Chief Brand Architect and ownership group member of St. Louis CITY SC

Brickline Greenway Map

Brickline Greenway Map with Destinations

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Project Details

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Market Street: Compton Ave to 22nd St.

Construction Breaking Ground Summer 2024

Site of former People's Building

Click for a downloadable, high-res image, credit Great Rivers Greenway

HSSU View to East - Before

Market & Compton Now - Looking East

Market & Compton 2025 - Looking East

Click for a downloadable, high-res image, credit Great Rivers Greenway

HSSU View to West - Before

Market & Compton Now - Looking West

Market & Compton 2025 - Looking West

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Other Brickline Greenway Projects Coming Soon

North Grand to Cass Ave to Spring St

Length: 1.3 miles
Key Partners: City of St. Louis, Tabernacle CDC, Boys and Girls Club, many others!
Timing: Construction in 2025
Update: Finalizing design now, temporary banners by local artists along street

Cortex to Grand MetroLink Stations

Length: 0.77 miles
Key Partners: Bi-State, City of St. Louis
Timing: Construction in 2026
Update: Designs are progressing and will use the MetroLink bridge across Vandeventer Avenue.

Click on the thumbnail for the full image. Photographs are from civic engagement efforts. All renderings are draft concepts and will change as we get more community input.





Brickline Greenway MetroLink Corridor Brickline Greenway - Market Street at HSSU

All images credit Great Rivers Greenway. Click on the thumbnail for the full image.

Former residents of Mill Creek Valley celebrate at the art unveiling February 16, 2023, 64 years to the day after the first wrecking ball struck in the neighborhood.

Brickline Greenway on Market Street from Compton Ave to 20th Street:
















































1950 parcel map to present-day, with greenway overlay on top of both:

These images, provided by the Missouri Historical Society and Preservation Research Office, are open to use with credit (in file name). Many thanks also to the Griot Museum of Black History for their contributions to our research and learning.

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