Brickline Greenway – Media Kit


Media Kit

High resolution images for your use (credit labeled). If you would like to request any additional materials, please contact Anne Milford at 314-249-6936 or


Brickline Greenway Map

Brickline Greenway Map with Destinations

Click on the thumbnail for the full image. All renderings are draft concepts and will change as we get more community input.





Brickline Greenway MetroLink Corridor Brickline Greenway - Market Street at HSSU

All images credit Great Rivers Greenway. Click on the thumbnail for the full image.

Former residents of Mill Creek Valley celebrate at the art unveiling February 16, 2023, 64 years to the day after the first wrecking ball struck in the neighborhood.

Brickline Greenway on Market Street from Compton Ave to 20th Street:


















































Current conditions transitioning to concept renderings:



1950 parcel map to present-day, with greenway overlay on top of both:



These images, provided by the Missouri Historical Society and Preservation Research Office, are open to use with credit (in file name). Many thanks also to the Griot Museum of Black History for their contributions to our research and learning.

Click on the thumbnail for the full image.