Brickline Greenway – Voices of St. Louis



There are many voices guiding this project… listen to a few of them here to learn how the Brickline Greenway will impact St. Louisans:

Damon Davis

This St. Louis artist is working with the Brickline Greenway design team to commemorate Mill Creek Valley, a displaced black community.

Sam Fiorello

The President & CEO of Cortex Innovation Community explains how the Brickline Greenway is a valuable asset to attract and retain skilled professionals to the St. Louis region.

Brian Phillips

The Assistant Vice Chancellor of Washington University Medical Center describes the Brickline Greenway as a catalyst for equitable economic development.

Gerard Craft

This award winning chef and restaurateur is a greenway enthusiast and is excited about the cultural connections the Brickline will bring.

Andre Alexander

As president of the Tabernacle Development Corporation, Andre Alexander is excited about the connections the Brickline Greenway will provide to neighborhoods in North St. Louis.

Deborah Patterson

The former Vice President of Global Contributions and Employee Engagement at Monsanto is inspired by the collaboration that has taken place within the Brickline Greenway planning process.

Vivian Gibson

The author of The Last Children of Mill Creek shares how the Brickline can reveal buried histories and racial truths that St. Louisans are ready to confront through courageous dialogue.

Flint Fowler

The President of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis discusses the essential role that engagement plays in building stronger communities.

Eric Bailey

The President of Bailey Strategic Innovations Group discusses the framework for equity and inclusion that has been central to the Brickline Greenway planning process.

Brianna Brown

Kranzberg Arts Foundation Resident Artist Brianna Brown is  excited by the cultural connections the Brickline Greenway will provide.

Sue Wong Shackleford

The Brickline Greenway will tie together many great destinations within the City of St. Louis and Sue Wong Shackelford, owner and chef of the soon-to-open City Taco Shack at City Foundry STL, is just one person excited by this project’s transformational possibilities.

Lois Conley

The Founder and Executive Director of the Griot Museum of Black History looks forward to the new connections the greenway will provide and the opportunities that will come with it.