Brickline Greenway Update

Based on community input, we translated the project’s mission, key principles and intended outcomes into a brand for the Brickline Greenway (while still being part of the overall Great Rivers Greenway network of greenways). Project progress continues:

  • Market Street from Harris Stowe State University to the St. Louis CITY SC team’s new stadium district is in design and includes a major art installation from St. Louis Artist Damon Davis to honor and celebrate the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood and tell the stories of the people who lived there before they were displaced and the neighborhood destroyed.
  • Improvements from Fairground Park south to the Grand MetroLink Station and east to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency must be driven by community engagement. We’re focusing on taking stock of existing conditions and partners, engaging one-on-one with stakeholders and community leaders, and planning for engagement, both for now and when we can connect fully in real life again.
  • From the Cortex MetroLink Station east toward the Grand MetroLink Station, planning and design progress continues in coordination with partners like City Foundry STL and
    the Armory District.

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