Request for Qualifications: Process Designer, Facilitator & Strategic Planner

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Great Rivers Greenway is leading a major public-private partnership to establish the conceptual plan for the Chouteau Greenway, which will connect Washington University & Forest Park to Downtown & the Gateway Arch, with spurs north and south and many other destinations along the way, such as area neighborhoods, employment centers, parks, transit, and dozens of cultural and educational institutions.

The partners on the Chouteau Greenway project have been studying examples of transformational projects around the country, including the New York City High Line, Atlanta Beltline, Indianapolis Cultural Trail, and Washington, DC’s 11th Street Bridge Park project. Partners have been discussing the successes and challenges these projects have faced with regards to economic development and the impacts of a project like these on the communities surrounding them. These impacts can be positive, negative, proactive, reactive, intended or unintended.

Great Rivers Greenway seeks qualifications from practiced Facilitators who can assist in forming and managing 6 different groups that will guide the project as it moves forward. This firm, individual or team will have experience designing a process to get buy-in and support value and consensus-based decision-making and be a master at facilitating dynamic and diverse groups of people as they discuss complex and sometimes sensitive topics. This facilitator will also be expected to work collaboratively with the many team members on the project to fit into the overall planning, design and civic engagement efforts.

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