Four-Door Crew Cab, Mid- Size 4×4 Pickup Truck And/Or 7 Passenger hybrid Mini Van

Submittal Due Date: 3:00pm prevailing central time on January 17, 2020 Submittal Location: Great Rivers Greenway 6178 Delmar Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63112

Great Rivers Greenway is seeking sealed bids for one (1) Four-door crew cab, mid-sized, 4×4 pickup truck and one (1) 7 passenger, hybrid mini-van.  Great Rivers Greenway reserves the right to award the vehicles to multiple bidders or the same bidder.

Questions regarding this bid are to be sent via email no later than January 3, 2020 3:00 p.m. C.S.T. to Susan Jankowski, Great Rivers Greenway Operations Supervisor at

Responses shall be posted here and will also be sent to all known bid document holders no later than January 10, at 3:00 p.m. C.ST.

Complete the form below to access the complete bid document: