Missouri Greenway Master Plan

moriverMaster Plan

The master plan for the Missouri Greenway is a 55 mile (river mile) corridor that begins at the confluence of the Mighty Mississippi and the Missouri River and runs west to Boone’s Crossing in Chesterfield. The greenway will connect to the Mississippi Greenway, Sunset Greenway, Centennial Greenway, and Western Greenway; linking together the communities of Chesterfield, Maryland Heights, Bridgeton, Hazelwood, Florissant, and Spanish Lake.


Current Status

Missouri Greenway: Earth City Levee (paved) loops through Riverwoods Park and parallels the Missouri River in Bridgeton and Earth City for a total distance of 4.65 miles. It offers stunning views of the river and Historic downtown St. Charles as it stretches between Highways 70 and 370.

The Missouri Greenway: Monarch Chesterfield Levee offers three segments which will eventually connect for a 17-mile loop. A 5.5-mile segment is now complete from the Hardee’s Ice Rink to the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Club and over the Missouri River connecting with the Katy Trail and the Busch Greenway. You can also follow the greenway in the other direction 3 miles to Centaur Road. A 2-mile segment is complete atop  the Monarch Levee from Long Road to Baxter Road. Now that the bridge is open, there are 10.5 miles of trail built in this greenway!

The Missouri Greenway: Truman Park is located in Hazelwood near the Saint Stanislaus Conservation Area with plans to eventually connect the two. You can explore one mile out-and-back starting at the fishing pond in Truman Park. It’s a great place for a quiet and peaceful walk.

The Fee Fee Greenway parallels Fee Fee Creek,  and lies within the Missouri River watershed. It is a suburban greenway that extends from the Maryland Heights Recreation Complex to Creve Coeur Lake. Presently, there is a little less than one mile of paved trail connecting the Maryland Heights Community Center, Aquaport and Dogport to McKelvey Woods, a wooded area owned by the City of Maryland Heights.

Future Connections

Site preparation to  extend the existing paved trail in the Fee Fee Greenway an additional 2 miles along Crystal Springs Quarry Golf Club, where it will connect to the trails in Creve Coeur Park (near Marine Avenue) has begun.

Following guidelines provided by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the initial project work in March 2017 is focused on removing trees along the planned greenway path. These efforts will ensure the trees are down prior to the summer months when bats – including the federally endangered Indiana Bat – begin to roost in the trees following their hibernation period.  While the plans were designed to reduce the number of trees impacted by construction, there will be more than 316 new trees of 14 different native species planted as specified by the project’s landscaping plan.