Learn Stuff

Before you head out to a greenway or ride a bike down the street, it’s good to learn the basics.

Know Before You Go – find everything you need to know about using a greenway from trail etiquette to what to wear.

Bike St. Louis Streets – learn the basic rules of the road, understand safety tips about riding a bicycle on streets from Missouri Bike Federation with their Skills & Safety page and their State Laws page.


Click the map cover below to download the most recent (April 2015) Bike St. Louis map! Have more questions? We’re here for you! Contact us anytime by phone or email, or stop on by our office to pick up maps or ask us questions.


Streets are for all of us to use. When driving to work, riding a bike to school or walking to lunch, here’s what to expect:

Road stripes mean the same thing for all forms of transportation. Solid white lines mean stay in your lane. Dashes mean you can cross if it’s clear. Bike lanes are spaces to ride bikes, so no driving, parking or walking here.

On streets with sharrows or no markings, people driving and biking share the same space.

Obey traffic laws and communicate through eye contact and signals, especially at intersections!